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We will have a special seminar for the completion walking and posing. Please join us!!

7:00pm-8:30pm, Thursday, September 29th and October 27th 2016

5301 Beethoven Street, Suite 120, Los Angeles, CA 90066

How Much:
$20 per person

How to apply:
Please send the email to with your name.

Our website has been updated.

Best Body USA 2015 for Men & Women will be held on Saturday October 17th!

The first Best Body USA 2014 was successfully finished on November 8th 2014.

The first Best Body USA 2014 was successfully finished on November 8th 2014,
it was an honor to have this event. We will continue to expand the event and hope more people will join the event next year in 2015.
The followings are the results of the Best Body USA 2014.

Freshman Class (age 18-34)
1st Place: Tonny Surphman (120 points)
2nd Place: Robert Torres (120 points)
3rd Place: Ray Kasama (90 points)

Classic Class (age 35-49)
1st Place: Eiroku Yoh (150 points)
2nd Place: Hunk Asai (120 points)
3rd Place: Sohei Kozaki (90 points)

Master Class (age over 50)
1st Place: Yasutake Sen (150 points)
2nd Place: Nobuhiro Tsubouchi (120 points)
3rd Place: Frank Haralson (90 points)

Entry will be accepted until November 5th !!!
Entry page

Entry Form is available NOW!!!

Our New Website has been launched

Best Body USA 2014 is the world premiere competition that is in search of men who possess healthy mind, body, and spirit. It is "Age divided Mr. Contest" which looks at not only the beauty of outside, but also the inner beauty. Those qualities are, "Intelligence, Dignity, and Integrity", and we believe those qualities should valued as well. Anyone can enter. We hope to develop this contest as a very unique personal achievement award, that something we could contribute into our society.
We would like to introduce the importance of "Physical Training and Fitness Culture" to the world, and this is the beginning of our challenge. Please join us!

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